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We are in full swing of Masquerade Gala prep here at the office and wanted to share some fun ideas we have found! Even if you don’t plan on coming to our Gala, you could surely find some fun in constructing one of these great masquerade masks.  This will provide a great opportunity to stretch those creative muscles while exercising those fine motor skills which stimulate the brain! We know that there is evidence that cognitive and functional decline may be delayed by participation in mentally stimulating activities which is why we encourage this all the time!!!

We will be doing a masquerade mask making activity in our classes in the future and we are excited to see what is created! Please share your masks with us as well, send a picture to our email, or Facebook page or better yet, bring them into the office!

Check out the ideas below for some inspiration (click on the photo to be directed to the website for instructions)

Thank you Pinterest!

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[av_slide_accordion id=’3109′ title=’Animal themed’ link=’manually,https://www.instructables.com/id/Crafting-an-Animal-Themed-Mask/ ‘ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]
[av_slide_accordion id=’3110′ title=’Crepe Paper Flower’ link=’manually,http://blog.mardigrasoutlet.com/2011/12/masquerade-mask-with-crepe-paper.html’ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]
[av_slide_accordion id=’3111′ title=’Steam punk’ link=’manually,http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2011/10/make-a-steampunk-goggles-masquerade-mask/’ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]
[av_slide_accordion id=’3112′ title=’Floral’ link=’manually,https://www.woojr.com/make-masquerade-masks/#sthash.DIxqhCsc.qjtu’ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]
[av_slide_accordion id=’3113′ title=’Tulle Mask’ link=’manually,https://www.handimania.com/diy/masquerade-mask.html’ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]
[av_slide_accordion id=’3114′ title=’Steam Punk Option 2′ link=’manually,http://www.vrdesign.com.br/2017/01/10/diy-steampunk-masquerade-mask-new-years-party-phantom-opera-mask/’ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]
[av_slide_accordion id=’3115′ title=’For your glasses!’ link=’manually,http://mimisewmodernsewhistorical.blogspot.com/2017/01/masquerade-mask-hack-for-people-who.html’ link_target=”][/av_slide_accordion]

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