Give65 Veterans:
The New Silent Battle of Dementia

Our veterans have given up so much of themselves for our country, now it’s our turn to give of ourselves for them.


Our veterans are facing a new battle; Dementia. While dementia has been a battle that a lot of our citizens face, the impact of Dementia on Veterans is just beginning to be understood. Our veterans are a vulnerable population for PTSD, depression, concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injuries due to the things they experience while they serve. What many people don’t realize, is that all of those things make our vets more susceptible to dementia. In fact, vets are twice as likely to get dementia than their civilian counterparts and for Vietnam Vets, that likelihood doubles again. Recent statistics show that the number of veterans with dementia has grown 166% over the last decade. Our veterans need our help. At Dementia Support Northwest, we recognize that our veterans need to have different and specific support systems that are designed to help them deal with all of the things that they have been through and therefore we would like to start a support group specifically designed to help Veterans living with Dementia. The money we raise through this campaign will go toward training facilitators for this group, the meeting space, printed materials and potential outside resources.

To strive for a match or other financial reward from GIVE65 it is best to have Pre-Scheduled giving (July 1 6:59 CT-July 8th) We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all donation given July 1- July 12th for this cause!