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The impact of dementia is immense. In addition to the suffering caused by the dis-ease, dementia is creating enormous strain on our families, our communities and the health care system. A single person, organization or sector working alone can-not effectively address this complex societal issue. This is especially true as community needs grow and resources to address them do not.

Giving a monthly gift is an easy way to continue your support of Dementia Support Northwest. It ensures we will continue to have the ability to provide vital services to those living with dementia and their families.

If you are interested in donating by check, please mail your gift to: 2950 New Market Street #210, Bellingham, WA 9822.

Thank you to our featured Donors Nancy and Steve Juetten, creators of Life Goes On Roadmap®

Nancy and Steve Juetten are the creators of this tool, as well as Dementia Support Northwest donors, champions, and advocates for our good work. Now is the time to organize your personal financial information and crucial documents before any of the Big D’s – disease, disaster, divorce, diminished mental capacity, or death – can stop you.

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    When you donate $100 or more to Dementia Support Northwest, you’ll receive the Life Goes On Roadmap® digital system for personal financial information organization as an in-kind matching gift by return email. Thanks for helping us to raise $20,000 through this new initiative made possible by the generosity of Bellingham, WA residents. In-kind matching gifts will be fulfilled every Friday. Watch your email to receive yours when you make a donation of $100 or more.
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