Board Member Spotlight

Becky Bendixen; Board Member


How long have you been a board member?

 “2 years.”

Why did you chose to get involved with Dementia Support Northwest?

“I love to see services offered to a diverse community, and reaching out to new communities in our region will diversify our population served. Every community deserves to have such great services offered here!”

What is your role on the board?

“Tribal Outreach.”

If you had to choose one thing about our organization that makes you the proudest to be a part of it, what would that be?

“The passion and dedication that I see from all of the board members. This agency is small but the spirit with which they serve is huge!”

What message would you like to share with our community about Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia?

“Dementia  is common, and does not mean “you are afflicted” and choices at a younger age may help prevent some dementia.   Education about the condition makes dementia more manageable for both caregiver and person diagnosed. You have a safe and supportive staff here to help you manage as best you can and asking for help is a healthy step in self-preservation for all humans!”